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1585 Heinrich Schütz is born on October 8 in Köstritz, his name entered in the regional baptismal record on October 9
1586 Andrea Gabrieli dies
Johann Hermann Schein born
1587 Samuel Scheidt born
1590 Christoph Schütz takes over the inn "Zum goldenen Ring" in Weißenfels. The family moves to Weißenfels.
1598 Landgrave Moritz of Hessen-Kassel discovers Heinrich Schütz in Weißenfels
1599 Heinrich Schütz goes to Kassel: Training as choirboy and education at the court school "Mauritianum"
1600 Giordano Bruno burned as a heretic in Rome
1607 First performance Monteverdi's opera "L'Orfeo" in Mantua
1608 Schütz studies law in Marburg
1609 Schütz receives a stipend from Moritz of Hessen to travel to Italy for music studies with Giovanni Gabrieli in Venice
1610 Galileo Galilei demonstrates in Venice a newly designed telescope which permits the detailed observation of the heavens Primolibro [new Window]
1611 Opus 1: "Italienische Madrigale" SWV 1 - 19
1612 Giovanni Gabrieli dies
Matthias becomes Holy Roman Emperor
1613 Return to Kassel and Weißenfels
Schütz, as second court organist, accompanies the Landgrave to Dresden
1614 Beginning of the dispute over Schütz between Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony and Landgrave Moritz of Hessen Heinrich Schütz [new Window]
1617 Final move to Dresden
Appointment to Hofkapellmeister
Sumptuous festival music by Schütz on the occasion of the Imperial visit to Dresden and for the centenary celebrations of the Reformation
1618 Schütz, Samuel Scheidt and Michael Praetorius: Reorganization of the cathedral music in Magdeburg
Beginning of the Thirty Years War
1619 Schütz marries Magdalena Wildeck
Opus 2: "Psalmen Davids" SWV 22 - 47
Psalmen Davids [new Window]
1621 Birth of Schütz's daughter, Anna Justina
Travel to Breslau on the occasion of the Silesian estates's tribute to Johann Georg
"Syncharma Musicum" SWV 49
1623 Opus 3: "Auferstehungshistorie" SWV 50
Birth of Schütz's daughter, Euphrosyne
1624 Martin Opitz: "Das Buch von der deutschen Poeterey"
1625 Opus 4: "Cantiones sacrae" SWV 53 - 93
Death of Schütz's wife, Magdalena
1627 Concerto: "Da pacem, Domine" SWV 465, for the electoral congress in Mühlhausen
Premiere performance of the opera "Dafne", set to the text by Opitz, in Torgau
Easter Dialogue: "Dialogo per la Pascua" SWV 443
1628 Opus 5: "Becker Psalter I" SWV 97a - 256a
Second Italian tour: experiences the latest Italian styles (Monteverdi)
1629 Opus 6: "Symphoniae sacrae I" SWV 257 - 276
1631 Death of Schütz's father
Funeral motet for Schütz's friend, Johann Hermann Schein: "Das ist je gewißlich wahr" SWV 277
1633 Travel to Copenhagen - named Danish Court Kapellmeister
1635 Return to Dresden - death of Schütz's mother
Heinrich Posthumus Reuß dies
1636 Opus 7: "Musikalische Exequien" SWV 279 - 281 for the funeral of Heinrich Posthumus Reuß
Opus 8: "Kleine geistliche Konzerte I" SWV 282 - 305
1638 Schütz's daughter, Anna Justina, dies
1639 Opus 9: "Kleine Geistliche Konzerte II" SWV 306 - 337
Martin Opitz dies
1641 Proposals for the reorganization of the Dresden court chapel
1642 Travel to Copenhagen
1643 Claudio Monteverdi dies
1645 Return to Dresden - first petition to be allowed to enter retirement
1647 Opus 10: "Symphoniae sacrae II" (SWV 341 - 367)
Performances at the Weimar court
1648 Opus 11: "Geistliche Chormusik" SWV 368 - 397
Peace of Westphalia
1650 Opus 12: "Symphoniae sacrae III" SWV 398 - 418
1651 Autobiographical memoire with petition to be permitted to retire
1655 Death of Schütz's daughter, Euphrosyne
Schütz becomes Wolfenbüttel's "ex officio" Court Kapellmeister
1656 Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony dies
1657 Johann Georg II grants Schütz general retirement and names him Senior Kapellmeister
Retirement in Weißenfels
Opus 13: "Zwölf geistliche Gesänge" SWV 420 - 431
1661 Opus 14: "Becker Psalter II" SWV 97 - 256
1663 Reorganization of the court music in Zeitz
1664 "Weihnachtshistorie" SWV 435
1666 "Lukas-Passion" SWV 480,
"Johannes-Passion" SWV 481,
"Matthäus-Passion" SWV 479.
1671 "Schwanengesang": 119. Psalm SWV 482 - 492,
100. Psalm SWV 493
and a German Magnificat SWV 494
1672 Schütz dies in Dresden on November 6 at the age of 87