May I introduce myself?

I am the Heinrich-Schütz-House in Bad Köstriz.


On October 8, 1585 the most famous son of Köstritz came into the world within these walls: Heinrich Schütz (1585 - 1672). On his 400th birthday a museum was opened in me. Here you can follow the life of the first German composer of international stature from Köstritz, on to Weißenfels, Kassel, Marburg, Venice, and Dresden. The little boy who, within my walls, uttered his first sounds, played, sang, and surely played about in the pub of the "Golden Crane" (as it came to be known) lived to be 87 years old. For 55 years he served as the Kapellmeister to the Saxon Elector, 30 of those during the "Great War" (1618 - 1648).


Today in my rooms and in the region are held the Central German Heinrich Schütz Days, concerts, courses in performance practice of Early Music, advanced training for teachers and music enthusiasts, musical tours of the museum, special exhibits, touring exhibits, colloquia, changing exhibits in the Schütz House Gallery, as well as music-making for children and adults (the "Köstritz Sparrows", the "Köstritz Children's Wind Ensemble", and the "Köstritz Players").


An extensive museum pedagogy program is offered in me for school children of all grades and school types. Again and again I hear the sound of tours in English, French, and Italian.


My friends and sponsors merged in 1991 to form the Schütz Academy, a sponsor organization that supports my interests and those of my "helping hands".


Visit me and my exhibits!

My "helping hands" and I look forward to your visit. Until then!


Yours, Heinrich Schütz House in Bad Köstritz

Opening Hours: Tue - Fri 10.00 - 17.00 / Sat - Sun 13.00 - 17.00


Admission: General 3,00 EUR, reduced 2,00 EUR

School children: admission only with group, includes tour 1,00 EUR


Tour "standard" (45 - 60 min): 20,00 EUR

"Extended Tour" (ca. 90 min) includes introduction to works and musical demonstrations: 30,00 EUR

Tour packages include a reduced admission price of 2,00 EUR per person.